Contact Info:

Chairperson :

Roger Bjerke, 3840 30th Street, Rochester, MN 55904
(507) 951-4706

Supervisors :

Joel Messmer, 5423 Highland Ridge LN SE, Rochester MN 55904
(507) 696-1508

John schoenfelder, 4127 30th Avenue SE, Rochester MN 55904
(507) 259-8885

Township Clerk:

Janet Hoffmann, 2850 Oakview Ct. SE, Rochester MN 55904
(507) 288-6834


Debra Raduenz, 5002 SE 50th Avenue, Rochester, MN 55904
(507) 282-5848

2023 Township Election Notice

Elected were:

Roger Bjerke Supervisor 3 year term, John Schoenfelder Supervisor two year term and Debra Raduenz Treasurer.


Marion TownshipAnnual Meeting/Election

Notice is hereby given to qualified voters of Marion Township, County of Olmsted, State of Minnesota

that the Annual Election of Town Officers and Annual Town Meeting will  be held on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.  In case of inclement weather, the meeting and election may be postponed until the third Tuesday in March (March 21) and if inclement weather also postpones the election and meeting on the third Tuesday they shall be held on the fourth Tuesday (March 28).

The election Poll hours will be open from 5:00pm to 8:00 pm, at which the voters will elect:

one supervisor for a term of three years and

one supervisor for a term of two years and

to elect one treasurer for a term of two years.

An absentee Ballot may be obtained by calling the Clerk at 288-6834.

The Board of Canvass will meet on Tuesday, March 14, immediately following the election to certify the official election results.

The annual meeting will commence at 8:15 pm to conduct all necessary business prescribed by law.   There will be an annual review and training for the MPCA Storm Water Pollution Prevention Permit (SWPPP). The regular monthly meeting will follow the annual meeting.

**BALLOT: Roger Bjerke has filed for supervisor for a 3 year term

John Schoenfelder has filed for supervisor for a 2 year term

Debra Raduenz has filed for treasurer for a 2 year term

The Annual Election and Meeting will be held at the Marion Town Tall at 3746 50th Avenue SE.

Janet Hoffmann

Town Clerk, Town of Marion